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AirStreem Pillow Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews of the AirStreem Pillow

 “I love it! It’s easy to inflate, lightweight, and definitely comfortable!”


 “This is an ingenious little device that I will forevermore refer to as my beach buddy.”


“I couldn’t find the right shape in a traditional bath pillow, so this was the perfect size.”


“Two inflatable sides with an inflatable tube in the middle, with a comfy and lightweight mesh to rest on.”


“The packaging is simple and a great size, so that it doesn’t smash the product up to an unrecognizable ball.”


“This pillow is ideal for laying on your stomach and tucking it up underneath your arms and chest.”


“I got the pillow to take with me on camping trips with my husband. Nice way to relax and unwind.”


“I go to the beach several times a year and have used the AirStreem Pillow every time. It’s easy to carry in my beach bag and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!”