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AirStreem Pillow Customer Reviews

 “I just wanted to report that after 2 weeks use, we are in love with the AirStreem pillow. Even my non- believer husband has found it a great addition to our beach bag! These are the things I really appreciate about its design and manufacture:

  • The mesh design is great on windy days and it is really easy to shake the sand out of it
  • The wedge shape is perfect for viewing the sea, reading a book, or taking a nap
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate (especially after you figure out the 2 valves in one system)
  • It weighs nothing – in terms of all the other stuff one schleps to the beach
  • It makes me happy to be comfortable on the sand and not have to rent a chaise lounge from a vendor.

Thank you immensely for letting us try your product. I will be touting the benefits of the AirStreem pillow from this day forth.”

Debra G.


 “Anyone who tans at the beach will tell you to make sure you flip to your stomach to get an even tan…but it has NEVER been comfortable to do (before this pillow, of course). I’ve been breathing in sand, tilting my head 90 degrees, squishing “the girls,” or leaning on my elbows to use my phone, but those aren’t comfortable for more than 5 minutes.

I figured there HAD to be a better way and stumbled across this pillow.

Let’s talk about what it does well!

1. It’s an inflatable wedge, so you can use it like a pillow, whether you’re tanning on your front or your back.

2. It has a breathable mesh, so you can get air circulation (!!!) through the pillow. If you’re on your stomach, you can rest your head on it and breathe through it (!!!), or you can use it to prop up your torso so your elbows don’t have to do all the work while you’re on your phone or reading a book.

3. It packs like a dream! It’s a little annoying to inflate at first (I didn’t realize that the plug folded in on itself twice: once for inflating, and once for sealing the air in), but once you get the hang of it, it ends up lasting for a week without needing to be reinflated, so it’s not that big of a deal. When you’re ready to go home, it deflates and packs up nicely again!

4. It makes your family/friends jealous. This is good (you have a cool thing), but it’s bad because you’ll be sharing it with everyone and their mother and sounding like an infomercial about why everyone needs one of these…which they obviously do!

I love mine on beach trips, and if you plan to lay out at the beach/pool, you’ll love yours too!”



 “I originally purchased these for my adult blow-up pool to recline against, but found they work equally as well when lounging in the park on the grass. I first bought one for myself, then my husband liked it so I bought another. The triangle shape works well in a number of different positions. both as a pillow when on your back, or a wedge under your stomach if trying to read while on your tummy. They blow up quickly, and collapse quick as well. & the mesh material means you don’t get too hot and sticky allowing air to flow through.”


 “I really like this pillow. It’s cool enough to sleep with on a hot summer night but if it’s cool out adding a pillowcase will suffice. After deflating it, the pillow is flat, and I put it at the bottom of my backpack. Inflating it is easy.
The pillow has, obviously, one thinner side and a thicker side. Very nice. Just flip it over to get comfy. I also used this behind my back when sitting up against a wall in a shelter. Good support.”


 “I love it! It’s easy to inflate, lightweight, and definitely comfortable!”


 “This is an ingenious little device that I will forevermore refer to as my beach buddy.”


“I couldn’t find the right shape in a traditional bath pillow, so this was the perfect size.”


“Two inflatable sides with an inflatable tube in the middle, with a comfy and lightweight mesh to rest on.”


“The packaging is simple and a great size, so that it doesn’t smash the product up to an unrecognizable ball.”


“This pillow is ideal for laying on your stomach and tucking it up underneath your arms and chest.”


“I got the pillow to take with me on camping trips with my husband. Nice way to relax and unwind.”


“I go to the beach several times a year and have used the AirStreem Pillow every time. It’s easy to carry in my beach bag and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!”