AirStreem Pillow Features - For The Pool, The Beach, Or Outside

AirStreem Pillow Features

The Comfortable Beach Pillow

The AirStreem Pillow came about after years of using a rolled-up beach towel for a pillow while relaxing on the beach. The towel always quickly become hard, hot, and uncomfortable within a few minutes. There had to be a better way to lie down by the water. That’s how the AirStreem Pillow came to be. After a few years of research, prototypes and adjustments, the AirStreem is now the most comfortable pillow for the beach, the pool, and camping.

When this comfortable pillow’s design was created, there were many features that had to be addressed and we started with the most important. Take a look at the four best features we hear about all the time!


Top 4 Features of the AirStreem Pillow


AirStreem Pillow by the Pool

Using the AirStreem Pillow by the pool

Comfortably support your upper body with the AirStreem Pillow

Inflatable Pillow for the pool

  • Ergonomically-Designed

With the Patented Wedge shape, the AirStreem fits seamlessly under you whether you’re lying on your stomach or your back. It’s the perfect design!

  •  Lightweight

At only 9oz, you can pack this pillow away for any beach, pool or camping trip without a second thought.

  •  Mesh-Wrapped

Our design allows cool air to constantly flow while you’re lying down. Don’t worry about having to flip the pillow over when it gets too hot. 

  •  Affordable

Having the perfect travel pillow shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The AirStreem Pillow is one of the most affordable multi-use pillows on the market.


These four features will keep you calm, cool, and comfortable whenever you use the AirStreem. Your next trip to the beach or the trail won’t be the same!